Best Places to See Fireworks (Without Sitting on Main Street for Two Hours!)

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I snagged this picture while walking past the Castle during fireworks!

This week, we're talking about fireworks! It is a common struggle to really really want a good seat for the fireworks, but really really not wanting to fight the crowds or stake out a place on Main Street for two hours. (That's precious ride time!) Well don't worry, we've got you covered! There are several places you can get a good show without having to hang out on Main Street all night. Here are our favorite three!

Fireworks from Tomorrowland - in line for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage!

1. Red Rose Tavern (Village Haus)
This is our favorite place to watch fireworks if we have already seen it once or twice from the front of the castle. There are no projections back here, which means that very few people watch fireworks from this area!! You can pretty much show up here 10 minutes before the fireworks start and still get a good seat. We just sit out at one of the tables with some snacks, or we get there before the Tavern closes and grab some dinner to eat. (Note: this restaurant closes down for fireworks, so you HAVE to get there early if you plan to eat.) This is a really neat area because the fireworks are set off behind Toontown so you see them above the trees in front of you and you also get fireworks going off right behind you from the top of the castle. It is so cool to have the fireworks going off all around you! Like I said, you do miss the projections from here, but once we've seen them, we don't really care to wait on Main Street to see them again, so this area works really well for us. 

Watching Fireworks from the table right by the walkway at the Village Haus - 2015

Fireworks above the trees at the Village Haus - 2014

2. Plaza Inn
Another really good place to see the fireworks if you still want to see the projections up on the castle is to do a late dinner at the Plaza Inn. We briefly mentioned this last week in our restaurant recommendations, but if you get here about an hour before fireworks, you can go in and grab some food and find a seat outside where you have a good view of the castle. If you can find tables up on the balcony, that is the best spot to see them! If not, you can also go up to the tables near the shrub fence and find one that has a good view. The nice thing about this area is that they don't kick you out if you are dining, and they don't allow anyone to stand in front of you either. You don't really get to see anything happening on Main Street from here but you do get a good view of both the Castle and the Matterhorn if you pick your seats right! (Plus, the food is FANTASTIC!) 10/10 would recommend ;)

Photo taken of the Matterhorn during fireworks from the Plaza Inn! You can see "lava" coming from the top during the Mt. Wannahockaloogie scene.

3. Small World
If you still want to see the projections without waiting for fireworks on Main Street there are a few other places you can go. They were doing fireworks projections on the Rivers of America, but I'm not sure if they still do that with the return of Fantasmic. However, they do have a great projections and fireworks show over at It's a Small World! I would still show up a little earlier to get a good spot, but most people don't realize that anything goes on over here, so a lot of the crowds will just be those getting on or off the ride! I really like this location because they do a really good projection show much like the one you would see on the castle or down Main Street, and the fireworks go off behind the ride building which creates a neat atmosphere! Definitely a must-try experience!

Projections on the Small World facade during fireworks!
(Excuse the poor quality - this was taken on an old video camera)

You get a wonderful view of the fireworks over at It's A Small World!!

Where are your favorite spots to watch fireworks? Let us know in the comments below!

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-Lindsay Prout

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