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How to Kick Those Disneyland Blues

Good Evening and welcome to another Monday post! 

This week, a new look and a fun post! Do you ever find yourself suffering from Disneyland withdrawals? Ever find yourself at work watching the live feed from the Howard Johnson Hotel's Mattercam or scrolling through Disneyland Photo Updates from MiceChat? (Just me?) Well look no further, here are some fun ways to cure your Disneyland withdrawals until your next trip!!*

*disclaimer: none of the sites/podcasts/etc. I am posting about have asked me to advertise for them. I mention them because they deserve it!

1. Window to the Magic
There are few "free" things (if any) I have ever come across that I have actually been willing to subscribe to a monthly supporting payment. Window to the Magic is one of those things. Window to the Magic is a wonderful (free!) podcast run by Paul Barrie, Jr., committed to helping you "use your ears to surround yourself with the magic". The shows are usually recorded while walking around th…

10 Hidden Easter Eggs at Disneyland

Good Afternoon!

This week an exciting announcement: I will be in Disney WORLD in October! I will post a trip review when I return, but in the mean time I'd love suggestions on cool things to do/see while I am there!! Also, we have a Facebook Page, so feel free to give us a follow over there for updates on blog posts and Disney Parks News! (

Two weeks ago I posted about the quiet and relaxing places of the Disneyland Resort. This week I decided to post about some of my favorite hidden "Easter Eggs" to look for while adventuring around the park!

1. Minnie's Grotto
A few weeks ago I posted about Snow White's Grotto and wishing well near the castle. Did you know Disneyland has a second, lesser-known wishing well in Toontown? You can find this behind Minnie's house near a little garden tea table. You may even see Minnie Mouse back there!

2. America Sings Takes Over Disneyland!
I never got to experience America Sings, b…

5 Easy Ways to Save Money at Disneyland

Good Afternoon!!

First off - a huge shout out to my readers in the USA, Germany, Philippines, Peru, AND Australia!!! It is so exciting for me to be sharing my love for Disney Parks all around the WORLD! Thank you for your support (: 

This week's post actually comes straight out of my travel guide! I want to share some of the best money saving tips that I have picked up over the years that can really help out when you are trying to do Disney on a budget! Let's get started!

1. Don't buy bottled water in the parks!
It can be pricey to buy bottled water in the parks - at the snack carts it's $3.75 per bottle! There are several other options you have when it comes to water. The first is going to a local grocery store (Target is just down the street) and buying a case of waters to bring into the park with you. It is a lot cheaper to do it this way than buying that many in the park! You can also bring in a water bottle and fill it at any water fountain. If you go into the outside…

5 Favorite "Quiet Places" at Disneyland

Good Morning!
This week I wanted to share some of my favorite "quiet places" in the Disneyland Resort! This is a handy list to have if you need to find a place to relax, or if you need a less crowded place for little ones to play for a while.
Some of my favorite quiet areas in Disneyland have disappeared as new additions have come into the picture. These areas included the little pavilion near the castle that is now the Princess Fantasy Faire, the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square that is now a part of the infamous Club 33, and the Big Thunder Ranch, petting zoo, and log cabin which was cleared to make way for Star Wars Land. There was also the little path to Fantasyland that passed by the ranch that was always quiet, but that is going to be busy once Star Wars Land officially opens! Though these quiet areas are now nothing more than fond memories, it doesn't mean that Disneyland doesn't have any quiet places left if you know where to look!
1. Hidden Path by Harbour…

How to Score Good FASTPASS Times for Big Ticket Rides at California Adventure

Good Morning! This week I want to share one of my favorite tips to give family and friends when planning their vacations!

Since California Adventure’s major remodeling project and rededication back in 2012, the park has received some really popular and exciting attractions! However, the lines for these attractions can get extremely long. I checked the Disneyland app just after 12:00 PM yesterday and the line for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! was already 80 minutes long with FASTPASS return times between 6:50 & 7:50 PM. Radiator Springs Racers was up to 150 minutes and FASTPASSES were already gone for the day! However, getting decent FASTPASS times for these two rides is not impossible! And no, you don’t need to purchase MaxPass to do it (though it can be a good option). The key is to arrive EARLY. You will actually want to plan on getting to California Adventure at least 30-45 minutes before the gates open. Make sure to take into account days with Magic Morning Hours. …

Welcome to the Happiest Travel Blog on Earth!

A little about me, I am a Disney Parks fanatic! I have been to Disneyland 23 times since I was 5 years old, so I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to family vacation planning. I decided in high school while I was working on the first copy of my Disneyland Guide that I really wanted to be a travel agent and plan people’s Disney Vacations. However, things didn’t go as planned and I ended up in the business industry. That hasn’t stopped me entirely though, and I still help friends and family plan their vacations on the side. After a lot of prodding from my family, I have finally decided to start a blog where I can post tips and tricks for vacations at the Disney Parks! I hope that the things you find here are helpful as you plan your family vacations to the Happiest Place(s) on Earth!!

If you are interested in buying a copy of my Disneyland Guide, feel free to contact me at any time at I sell my guide for $10, or you can request a person…