3 Shows You Can't Miss in Disneyland

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This week, we explore the entertainment the Disneyland Resort has to offer with our top 3 favorite shows to hit in Disneyland and California Adventure! (Bonus: All three of these shows work with "Glow-with-the-Show" products, which Disneyland sells in the form of Mickey Mouse Ear Hats, Wands, Paint Brushes, etc. These items are designed with Crowd-Sync Technology which makes the items change colors and flash along with the show itself!) 

60th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty Castle, Before the Firework Show

1. Fantasmic!
Story Time: I remember when I was 5, I watched "Sing A-Long Songs: Disneyland" and at the end, Mickey Mouse shoots fireworks out of his hands and starts the Firework Show over the castle. I was completely convinced that Mickey Mouse could actually do that. My dad kept telling me that it was just a movie, and that Mickey wouldn't really shoot fireworks out of his hands when I saw him. (Trying to make sure I wasn't disappointed when I got to Disneyland for my first time.) However, I was completely convinced that not only did Mickey shoot fireworks out of his hands, but that he and all his character friends were actually real, not just people in costumes. Well, the first character I saw in Disneyland was Minnie Mouse. I happened to look up at her and realized I was looking at the "breathing screen" under her nose so the person inside didn't suffocate. I was crushed - Minnie wasn't real. I didn't tell my parents what I had seen because I didn't want to ruin it for them too. (Because to 5-year old me, they clearly didn't know that already!) That night, we went to see Fantasmic! for the first time. And guess what happened at the end?! MICKEY SHOT FIREWORKS OUT OF HIS HANDS! We have me on video flipping around to tell my dad "See Dad, I told you it was real!" Fantasmic! has been one of my favorite shows since then!

I didn't have a picture of Fantasmic!, but here is a picture of us from the same year I discovered the characters weren't "real"!

2. Fireworks
This one doesn't really have a story behind it, other than the fireworks get more and more magical every year! The music is always spot on, and they have added projections around the park to coordinate with the fireworks and music and it is just such a magical experience. Fireworks can be viewed from Main Street, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Small World, Matterhorn, and the Rivers of America on the same water screens they use for Fantasmic! Currently, they are showing Together Forever, which is a Pixar themed fireworks show for their Incredible Summer/Pixar Fest event!

3. World of Color 
This show is just completely enchanting. The lines are always long to get in and it can be difficult to get a good viewing spot without waiting in that line unless you pay for the dinner packages, but it is so worth going to see! World of Color is a water show similar to Fantasmic!, but on a much larger scale. This is also my favorite show to see Glow-with-the-Show products in use, because every "zone" lights up a different color along with the lights around you! It is really neat to see. 

What shows are on your "Can't Miss" List? Leave us a comment below!

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