Top 5 Favorite Disney Snacks

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Photo sent straight from Disneyland! Jack is enjoying his churro today!

Last week we talked about our favorite "Can't-Miss Shows" at the Disneyland Resort. This week - our favorite can't-miss snacks! As I mentioned several weeks back, I highly recommend stashing snacks from the store in a bag or backpack to save money throughout the day. However, there's nothing wrong with stopping for an in-park snack or two during your stay! Here are our favorites! (Also a big thanks to my parents and Jack who took a ton of time today to fill my many live-from-the-park photo requests for this post!)

1. Cream Cheese Filled Pretzels.
If you have been following our blog for a while, this one will come as no surprise. I LOVE Disney's Cream Cheese Filled Pretzels. You can score one of these at the Refreshment corner or at most pretzel carts around Disneyland and California Adventure!

2. Milk Chocolate Fudge from Pooh Corner
This little snack is a tradition for me. Chocolate fudge is my weakness. Every now and then I will trade it for a Tigger Tail (also a favorite) or some other treat from the Pooh Corner, but the Milk Chocolate Fudge is fantastic! You can also get this at the Candy Palace on Main Street, and Trolley Treats in California Adventure!

Jack running to Pooh's Corner to get a tasty treat!

3. Nestle Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
If you are going to get a frozen treat, I highly recommend the Nestle Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich! They sell these at any frozen treat stand throughout the park. And yes, (*unpopular opinion*) I do like these more than the cute Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars! My favorite way to eat them is to let them defrost a little bit so the cookie is softer and the ice cream doesn't break your teeth. These are a wonderful treat for a hot summer day!

Frozen Treat Cart!

4. Churros
The classic. You can't go to Disneyland and not get an overpriced-but-extremely-delicious Disneyland Churro! Beware, these are COATED in cinnamon and will make a mess, but they are actually some of the best churros I've had. These are always sold in the classic cinnamon-sugar flavor, and they usually have a few different specialty flavors as well. One of the specialty flavors for this summer's Pixar Fest is "Kevin's Churro" which is covered in Lemon Sugar and Multi-Colored Fruity Cereal! You will also find a spicy "Caliente Churro" from the new churro cart at Pixar Pier: Señor Buzz Churros!

The Churro Cart near Splash Mountain advertises the "Golden Churro" specialty flavor!

5. Goofy's Sour Cherry Balls
These can be picked up in most stores that sell treats. These are one of my mom's favorite treats, so we always end up buying a bag for the family and snacking on them in lines! If you are not a fan of sour candy, no worries, this candy more sweet than sour. Definitely a family favorite!

Goofy's Sour Cherry Balls! These are a family favorite!

What are your favorite snacks at the Disneyland Resort? Leave us a comment below!

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